CLASSIC STYLE:  As Coco said, "Fashion changes, but style endures." Think timeless, quality staples, not disposable fads.

MODERN FUNCTION:  We believe in both form and function and that adaptation to a woman's physical, emotional, and lifestyle needs makes a piece all the more beautiful and interesting.

 CONSIDERED INVENTIONS:  At root, gwenyth is about solving problems elegantly, uniquely, and creatively.  Each piece aims to solve specific problems, and we see no point in replicating what's already out there.  Inventions are released when there's a need, they're ready, and they're right.

THE MOVEMENT COMMUNITY:  We love the power, artistry, and freedom created through movement.   Whether you're a dancer pursuing your dream or movement lover daring to open your own studio, we support you, want you to flourish, and believe that nurturing this community can only be a good thing.

xo gwenyth