our brand.

gwenyth is a tribute to a life elevated by dance and movement.  Real or imagined.


We make barre wear that goes every wear. That's worthy of the dancer inside each of us.


We appreciate lines, bodies, and the hunger for a fit that makes every movement feel that much more decadent.


We believe in the timeless, not a trend calendar.


We believe in quality, not quantity.


We create.  We invent.  We improve.  We never copy.


So we work on one compelling piece at a time until it's right.  And we make everything here in the USA, to provide the best materials, workmanship, and experience.


We sell direct to you and through our trusted movement partners to know you, your wants, and your needs.


We only speak when we have something to say.  And right now, what we have to say is about women in movement who move us to want to dress them for their day.

If you think we should be speaking of more things, write me at

xo gwenyth


our story.