Why did you create The Modern Classic?

The Modern Classic Activewear Top + Tunic was born out of a mission to develop a more flattering activewear top that looked classic and feminine, performed exquisitely during activity, and beautifully addressed the demands of movement-based disciplines like barre, pilates, and dance.

It evolved into a piece that not only stylishly fulfills the original mission, but also meets a modern girl's need for a highly versatile and comfortable wardrobe piece, by serving as both a top and a tunic and by exhibiting a timeless style that can be worn in class and out.

Why do you have so few styles?

We believe in making items that are best in class and not just putting something out for the sake of just putting something out, following trends, or meeting some fashion calendar.  Our designs are meant to be thoughtful, quality, timeless staples.  And they are meant to be original.  And that takes time.  Designs you find here won't be found anywhere else.  If it's not interesting or inventive or problem-solving, why do it?

Up to what bra cup size does The Modern Classic fit?

gwenyth's Founder originally designed the sling bra to flatter more petite-chested women (she is one herself!) in the A to B cup range.  But she soon discovered the innovative sling design could support up to C and small D cups, while providing the flattering lift made possible by the unique design.  As many customers have said "It makes my boobs look amazing."  No lie.

The Modern Classic is like our iPhone and we constantly make microadjustments to make it better with each run, because our Founder is a bit of a perfectionist.  The latest version of the Modern Classic is designed to fit up to small D cups and has a few small nips and tucks relative to the original version.  

For more specific sizing, click here for our Size Chart.

Where are your designs made?

We like to keep an eye on things and make sure they meet our high standards.  So we construct everything in the United States...Los Angeles to be exact.

Are your designs sold in retail stores?

Yes!  We love the movement studio community, which includes barre, pilates, dance, and yoga and have recently expanded to selling through studios.  We originally stayed online to be sure we really understood our clients and their needs.  But thanks to our community of supporters, we now feel we have enough understanding and resonance to make our designs more widely available.

If there is a studio you want to see us in, ask them to stock us.  If you make the introduction via wholesale@gwenythbrand.com and we end up selling there, we'll thank you with an outfit from the collection they carry.

If you'd rather just stay in direct contact with us, e-mail us at gwenyth@gwenythbrand.com!

What is Luxe Performance® and Luxe Soft Performance® fabric? 

We evaluated hundreds of fiber configurations before arriving at our chosen Luxe® fabrics - unique fabrics that are woven and then brushed to create a cottony-soft texture to the hand.  They're incredibly durable and dry quickly to keep an active and social gwenyth girl comfortable, cool, and feeling luxurious throughout her day.

How much does shipping cost?

We offer complimentary shipping and returns within the U.S. on orders of $70 or more, with estimated arrival of 3-5 business days.  However, if you need your item(s) more quickly than that, other shipping options are available (2-day, Overnight) for a charge.  

International shipping is available starting at $12 for Canada and $20 for all other countries.  Please allow 7-10 business days for arrival.

Can I exchange my item(s) or return them for a refund?

We sponsor return shipping and exchanges from anywhere within the United States for items that were shipped free originally.

We love living in the gwenyth aesthetic and we hope you do too.  If for some reason this is not the case, we are truly concerned and look forward to seeing what we can do.  

If you ever have a problem or question with your order, we want to hear from you at support@gwenythbrand.com to make things right.

To have an exchange or return started, please click here.  The process is brief.  Once you submit your request, someone here will review it and respond via email with a shipping label.

How do I create and access my gwenyth account?

In order to create a gwenyth account, click "Create an account" at the top of the page.  If you already have a gwenyth account, log in.  If you are already logged in, simply click on your name in the top left corner to access your gwenyth account.  Here you will be able to see your orders and edit your information.

Do you plan to develop other items?

We're always working on something based on feedback from our community and will release inventions when they're ready and right.  If there is something you think a gwenyth girl must have, we'd love to hear from you.  Just drop us a comment at gwenyth@gwenythbrand.com.

Do you sell wholesale?

Please contact wholesale@gwenythbrand.com for inquiries.

Why is gwenyth not capitalized?

 To us, the gwenyth woman is as much about humility and quiet confidence as she is about style, activity and movement.  A lower-case "g" just seemed to better embody that warm, unassuming attitude.

Where did the name "gwenyth" come from?

The name gwenyth is Welsh in origin.  gwenyth's founder had always thought the sound of the name evoked a nostalgic feeling of classic, but not over-flowery, romanticism and simple strength.  It was chosen to capture gwenyth's romantic, yet clean and modern feeling and approach to life.